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Many people perceived and told me that sales was my gift so I decided to join the Birchwood Saturn Store as a rookie in 2004. This particular store had a perk which was a tasty steak and egg breakfast at the Charleswood Country Club. We could attend breakfast if we had a rolling average of ten units a month. My third month at Saturn I had a rolling average of 16.3 deals which captured the management’s attention.

I soon realized that I didn’t like waking up two hours early to attend this Country Club for breakfast and to top that off… I’d get to work two hours late that very morning. I needed to think of a way to get out of this formal perk. The next month after qualifying for perks, I told the management team that my presence at these functions will continue when the entire team qualifies and I will commit to helping them. The next three months I shared my techniques with the entire team and that October our entire floors rolling average was 10-23 deals. I was the 23 car guy at that time. Now, we could all enjoy breakfast at the swanky Charleswood Country Club and everyone was very pleased with their accomplishments.

Since then, I have perfected my simple process on how to achieve twenty deals a month. I am your 40 car a month sales guy who knows how to teach others to do the same.

Wes grew up in the small village of Schanzenfeld . He started his lifelong love of sales at a young age. He would get his sisters to pick apricots and choke cherries, then he would go door to door selling them. Building relationships with his customers as he went. At age 15, he traded a head of cattle for his first truck. He understood negotiations!!

In 1992, Wes bought a company called Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizer which had a customer base of 328. When he sold his company 10 years later it had a customer base of over 3800. This amazing growth of the company was not due to large advertising or a single market. It was due to the fact that Wes has a keen ability to connect with people and find out what they really want.

In 2004, a unique challenge brought Wes to Puerto Vallarta to work in the Time Share industry (“Fractional Ownership” it is now called).  With this training he found the key to close the deal today and you can too! Now, unlike auto sales there are no ‘be-backs’ in time share.   You get one up a day. Their closing figures are at 30%. This technique to ‘Close Them Today – RIGHT NOW’ is imperative. YOU should use this technique!!!

Having to return to Canada unexpectedly, his mentor gave him some advice, “Go get a job in car sales and you will do great.”  The dealership witnessed history in the making as it was the first time that a salesperson hit twenty units. He knowingly became more conscious of the process and was selling thirty units a month consecutively using his technique.

Along Wes’s sales path, he openly stated that he was going to run a store inside a store and train other salespeople to do the same.

For the past four years, Wes has been living in Puerto Vallarta and selling vehicles in Canada while breaking down his process to share with you.  Never before, has a sales process been so simple to track and monitor. How many salespeople do you know can live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; while selling vehicles in SK, MB, AB and ONT.?  (that’s 4,500 kilometres away) and make a living doing so? He is living his dream. He understands the art of the industry and knows how to teach his process. .

Are you ready to hit your 20 deals this month?





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